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What Is This Selenite Bliss About?

There are different levels of bliss … there’s that feeling of being deeply relaxed … to our bones kind of relaxed, like during a long vacation in our favorite place with our favorite people kind of bliss.

Then there is the level experienced by being fully present in any moment. When we move beyond thought into appreciation; like noticing the gorgeous sunlight streaming through the leaves above us during a walk or smelling the steam rising from our morning cup of coffee, in the quiet before others are awake. An ahhhhh kind of bliss.

Bliss is all about feeling really good … in an authentic, purely existing, release of attachment kind of way.

Bliss is at the core of deep inner peace, felt by touching the beautiful stillness within us.

Bliss is who we are.

Even during the busiest or most challenging times of our lives, there is always a path leading us to bliss.

For some the path is found out in nature, for others in a Yoga class or a Reiki Session and for some it is simply being present to the breath moving in and out.

At the age of seven I knew that wars and poverty would not end until we changed who we were being in the world. I also felt, from time to time, a wave of euphoria that would mysteriously move through me and then disappear. I knew that this amazing feeling was something I wanted more of and the world needed more of! So each time the feeling came over me, I would try to figure out how and why it came, in hopes of getting it back. I found hints along the way (conditions that increased the probability of another moment) but it wasn’t until I experienced my first Reiki session (at age 40) that I found my first reliable way back. Every session brought me home to pure being.

Photo Credit Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Retreat

Photo Credit Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Retreat

Next I found bliss in the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, in deep meditation and in connecting with Selenite.

The more I used these tools to access my bliss, the more my whole life began to change. It went from stressful with moments of bliss to blissful with moments of stress. Then, when I began sharing these tools with a unique combination of Selenite & Sound Meditation with others, the bliss deepened even more. I love sharing this amazing modality and seeing the joy radiating from everyone who tries it! I joke about building a Selenite Bliss Empire but it truly is my mission to share it with as many people as possible!

Whether you are interested in purchasing a piece of Selenite jewelry, scheduling a Selenite & Sound Session, attending one of my Meditation Events or enrolling in a Mentorship Plan, I hope I can share my pathways to bliss with you.