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What is so important about raising vibrations?

99.999% of all that exists in the physical, is actually … energy. **

The energy of every thing and one vibrates at its own rate. Certainly, we all feel the difference between (what we consider) positive and negative energy from people almost immediately now. We are all becoming more sensitive to each others’ energy fields.

The more we let lower vibration or denser energy stuff go, (fear, anger, frustration, resentment, worry, jealousy, negative thoughts, harmful actions, etc) the lighter and better we feel. As our vibration rises, we move deeper in to the bliss of our being; our natural energetic state.

Our vibrations are raised, and bliss is felt, by being fully present in any moment. When we move beyond thought into appreciation; like noticing the gorgeous sunlight streaming through the leaves above us during a walk or smelling the steam rising from our morning cup of coffee, in the quiet before others are awake.

Bliss is the beautiful stillness within us.

bowlin bliss old silver.jpg

Bliss is who we are.

Even during the busiest or most challenging times of our lives, there is always a way to raise our vibration, to lead us back in to bliss.

For some the path is found out in nature, for others in a Yoga class or a Reiki Session and for some it is simply being present to the breath moving in and out.

At the age of seven I knew that until we changed who we were being in the world, wars and poverty would not end. I also felt, from time to time, a wave of euphoria that would mysteriously move through me and then disappear. I knew that this amazing feeling was something I wanted more of … and something I felt the world needed more of! Each time the feeling came over me, I would try to figure out how and why it came, in hopes of getting it back. I found hints along the way (conditions that increased the probability of another such moment) but it wasn’t until I experienced my first Reiki session (at age 40) that I found my first reliable way back. Every session brought me home to pure being.

Photo Credit Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Retreat

Photo Credit Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Retreat

The first time I heard a crystal singing bowl, it took my breath away, I knew that one day I would own such a powerful joy maker. The first time I sat on a slab of Selenite I knew I had to use it in my Reiki Practice. And when I put the two together I was in heaven!

When I created, and began offering Selenite & Sound Meditations, the bliss in me deepened. It soon became my mission to share it with as many people as possible!

Whether you are interested in purchasing a piece of Selenite jewelry, scheduling a Selenite & Sound Session, attending one of my Meditation Events or enrolling in a Mentorship Plan, I would love to share some of this vibration raising bliss with you.


** Click Here Watch the movie What The Bleep Do We Know … a wonderful film that connects the dots!