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Letting Go is Goooooood ...

Nicki LeMarbre

“You know you are late” Lisa said gazing into my soul. I had packed up my jewelry display and was leaving her center, the last stop in Salem, Oregon, before heading east in my Jeep. The owner/psychic medium continued, “You should already be in England, Europe … and Australia,” she continued. “Just let go, this is bigger than you. You know you are holding it back!” she finished.

I pondered her words all the way back to the East Coast and then some. Mostly finishing the repetitive train of thought with “But how?” Plenty of time to work that out.

“I would need more bowls for sure. I would need a way to get bowls to the participants too. Being settled … in my own living space would be good, and I want to be 100% solid in my work.” I was still having mid-meditation event panic attacks … all of a sudden I would come up in consciousness with the thoughts, “are they getting this? what am I doing? Is this working?” Of course, every event would end with beautiful compliments and smiles from blissed out faces and I would feel relieved, but I knew there was still work to do.

So two years later, I am finally ready for the next step … letting go enough to share Selenite & Sound ™ on a deeper level by offering the first Certification Trainings next month. It IS bigger than me and I Have been holding it back.

For eight years I have always blown away after a session or event by hearing the many stories of what the Selenite Work is doing for people; bringing so many gifts … of peace, clarity and joy to name a few. Anyone can benefit from the bio-chemical effects of using the crystals. Selenite & Sound ™ can be incorporated into nearly any other modality or can be used separately.

This first training will teach you how to use Selenite & Sound ™ to help yourself and others. It will go over the benefits of singing bowl and pyramid playing and how to use these amazing instruments. Participants are encouraged to have their own bowls, pyramids and crystals, but it is not imperative. I speak with you directly after registration to share options with you.

If you or someone you know is interested in the trainings, the links are here: There are 5 spots left on each. More to come!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Country Roads Took Me Home

Nicki LeMarbre
beach bowl.jpg

I thought

I would be staying for years

… but it was the last week in July (just one week before the nonsense that pushed me out of my Cotuit sanctuary) that my Mom, who passed last year, appeared in my dream stating “I want to show you your new home.” In the dream, she walked me through a large room to look out my “new” bedroom window … at what appeared to be … the ocean. (She always had a great sense of humor!) I was confused … why would I be moving? Will I be meeting a new love? I liked the view, but could not imagine why or how I would move!! I woke up before I got any answers.

A few days later a psychic medium friend called to tell me about a dream SHE had about being with me in a basement filled with boxes (which is where I was when she called to tell me about the dream) … “we’ve gotta get outta here!” she had said in the dream. As fate would have it, just two days later, chaos ensued at my apartment and I was saying the same thing. “I've got to get out of here!” Despite the premonitions, I was stunned, and triggered like I’ve never been triggered before by what had transpired. The drama hit me on all levels, every day I was sick to my stomach. I felt attacked, unsafe, degraded and so sad. I was a mess.

Planetary alignments as they were, life kicked my butt but, like so many others this Summer, I got through it. With the help of family and friends I saw past the illusions of fear, made some tough calls by trusting my intuition, said “no thanks” to unwanted treatment from others; I trusted that it was all in the plan and chose to move with life. “Where should I go now, Spirit?” I asked, remaining open to possibilities.

“Maybe I was not meant to plant roots.” I reasoned. Honestly, Cotuit was beautiful but I was feeling pretty isolated. It was great to see some of my old friends but everyone else was so busy. The abundance of alone time that was at first welcome and healing, became unsettling amidst the new drama. I also realized that I had been so happily committed to my work, that I rarely took time to enjoy the ocean nearby! When I wondered if I should go back on the road, the desire to just go “home” took root. I knew that, as it always goes, if it happened easily, going home was the right move.

It did and it is.

home now.jpg

When they heard the news that I was contemplating a move back to Mendon, my nieces searched for and sent me photos of available apartments right away. The very first apartment led me to the my new place. I knew after walking through just half of the apartment that it was the one; a wave of rightness flowed through me. “I’ll take it!” I said to the realtor, an old friend. Effortless.

Like it had been foretold, everything changed; one nauseous month later I did awake to the what sounded like ocean waves out my new bedroom window … it actually was not rolling waves but instead, rolling wheels on a steady stream of cars and trucks rolling by. I was and am so glad to be “home.” Back to the town where I grew up. The storefront where I worked my first job is out one set of windows and the church where I first got married is out the other set. My sister and her family are five and six houses to the right and another niece and her family about ten houses to the left.

Life’s butt kicking continued, but I got better at handling it. September 1st, I had moved and on the 19th a car came out of no where and hit the front end of my sister and brother-in-laws car, which I was driving; alone (to get a FREE bedframe)! Their Subaru spun 90 degrees to the left in one second. I was shaken to my core and very bruised; but, thank God, I was OK.

The car was totaled. Very expensive bedframe after all. I was not at fault in the accident, so everything was covered; but still, it cost all of us time and for me, weeks of pain.

But like the first wave of chaos, the second also provided a “something far better” gift! I had been putting off buying a car since January when the ocean had flooded my Jeep. I am an excellent procrastinator! Nine months of renting and borrowing cars; no big deal! My friend Alisa had zealously insisted numerous times, “do not go to any other car dealer, go to Harbro straight away, they are AMAZING!!” Did I listen? Not really.

I went to FOUR other car dealers with my sister and her husband, as they shopped for a new car. I found nothing but annoyance with the wheeler dealer vibes and was totally exasperated before I finally pulled into Marc Hare’s lot. And there I found the MOST AMAZING car dealership, I am sure, IN THE UNIVERSE! Total integrity (no referral fees here) full of kindness, patience and care. Their website is! And I was picky! I test drove a bunch of vehicles and smell tested more. But in less than a week, I drove home in a perfect car for less money and greater ease than I thought possible.

A third wave hit a week after the accident. It was after ten days of awesome cranking on my book … the same book I have been writing in fits and starts for the past 6 years! Yup … I was making great progress, once again, I was on a roll and then, my computer DIES!!! Really?

Sigh. I froze again.

I breathed my way through this too. At first I rationalized" “Maybe it is not time. Maybe I am not supposed to write a book after all.” Then I took a good look at the possibility that my fears were the real culprit of the book blocks. Like ummmm maybe my fear of success? Or ummmmmm fear of not being “good enough”? And weren’t these fears the same perpetrators I had dealt with in the other two situations?! I concluded that the fearless and authentic self writes cuz it just wants to share a story that it loves. The authentic fearless self focuses on what it loves and does not worry about what others think, say or do. The authentic fearless self takes responsibility for creating the dramas with courage, awareness and integrity.

So I am working on that. I am totally loving all that I have been given and have created. I am focused on following the trail laid before me, spiraling deeper into my meditation and energy work. It brings me the greatest joy to help other people create more peace and joy in their lives. I am focused on seeing all the precious gifts that have been given to me . The more we love what we have or do, the more we get of it! The deeper I have moved into it, the more centers are booking my events monthly and are filling up.

I am super excited about 2019. I feel like 2018 was a big year … we lept over some big hurdles and perhaps we got banged up and bruised, but we received some deep big healings through it all. Lots of polishing went on!! And we are shining so much brighter now!!

Can you feel it too?

Wishing Very Happy 2019!!

With Faith, Hope and Love,


PS …. If you are wearing one of my larger pendants, please make sure it is on the outside of your seatbelt when you drive! It took a month for my breastbone to heal from the accident. Very painful!

Back To Olde Cape Cod

Nicki LeMarbre
ME happy.jpg

An intuitive friend contacted me in Mid-March, writing that my face had popped into her morning meditation; she asked how everything was going. "Not so great" I said. "I need a car and a place to live!!"  I was so tired of the three months of Gypsy living, but I could NOT seem to find the right rental in Brant Rock or Plymouth. I was frustrated, and even started looking at places in Portsmouth, NH. I wanted a little place of my own, in an artist community by the sea; I could feel it, but had not yet found it.

"Wow, my neighbor has a fabulous studio apartment in Cotuit that she is fixing up," she wrote. "It will be ready in a week or two!"

"Seriously!!!???" Better than I could ever imagine ... as Karen Paolino would say!! Thank you Spirit!! 

The photos she sent me were beautiful and the price was great. "I want it!!"

Brant Rock was so much fun in many ways (I will miss my Marshfield friends, the Jetty and breakfast at The Hop) but it seemed like it was my time to go. Admittedly, after four storms I was really tired of packing all my things up at work for fear of more flooding. Sand and Water took the news gracefully and everything happened so easily.

I moved into my adorable studio apartment on Easter Sunday. The exhaustion from the Winter upheavals have dissipated in just two weeks and I feel like I have never been happier or more grateful. 

Cotuit holds some pivotal memories for me. As I unpacked and placed my few belongings (everything I own fits in a 5' x 5' storage space) I realized the watercolor I hung in the bathroom, I had painted in 1995 just a mile down the road at the original Cotuit Arts Center, right behind the Cotuit Market. I was stepping out of my first marriage and remember Jamie Wolf saying "we are just going to write on your forehead 'Shit Happens'." The photos of the girls I hung above my stove, I realized had been taken in 1998, just three blocks away on the beach across the inlet! Then dating my second husband, one of our favorite outings with the girls was taking his boat to that cove. And it was Loop Beach that I would walk nearly every other day with Marla in the Spring of 2010, as I stepped out of that marriage. Cotuit has been a place of creativity, hope and healing. It is perfect to be back here now. This time I feel as though I am stepping into marrying myself and my artwork. All the desire pent up in my heart to be alone and create, free from all other distractions, is finally realized. AHHHHHHHHHH.

So, I am very happy to get caught up with this website while juggling my new graphic design job with my jewelry making and event schedule. The 10 designs I've completed so far are shown below. The first orders are being printed for Florida stores in Dunedin and Cedar Key next week; so excited. I will soon be placing my own order so that I can have some of them to sell here and would LOVE to know which designs are your favorites ... they all have an UVPF of 30, are dry fit .... meaning they don't absorb water (or body odors) and will be between $27 (tanks) and $30 (t-shirts) ... if you would even be interested. New England Designs will be finished in the Fall.

Like everyone, I cannot wait for it to warm up!! I am looking forward to a super creative Summer on beautiful Cape Cod. I will still be travelling about with my events and artisan fairs and hope to see you here or there! 

Happy Spring!! 

In Light With Love,



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Nicki LeMarbre

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Getting Clear In The New Year

Nicki LeMarbre
poor car.jpg

The sculpting of our lives is unending, it's true. We are forever adjusting and tweaking. But there are times when life events inspire us to take stock of what we have and where we are; to see what is working and what is not working, and then make some changes. This new year has brought me to one of those shake downs. Losing my Mom in December then losing my Jeep to the storm surge of Winter storm Grayson definitely helped me to STOP and see that change is now necessary. (Lets face it, being a Selenite Gypsy is not a very lucrative endeavor.) 

I was pretty depressed and discouraged when I magically stumbled upon an online course last week called the 2018 Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp. The title glimmered with hope from my Facebook feed. I clicked, checked it out and thought "why not" then I committed to the week of training. It was AWESOME and exactly what I needed!

As I answered the questions they gave us for homework I began to realize what a gift my jewelry business was! There were over 4,600 jewelers on the FB page for the training and many were struggling with sales.  While I have sold nearly every piece of crystal and stone jewelry I had ever made! My problem has been not having enough jewelry to keep up with wholesale inquiries and not having enough time to get to those custom order inquiries completed. HELLO!!!!!!

The course helped me to then acknowledge my "why nots", I had some hidden fears within me that were clouding my vision and they needed to go. It was as if I were just too close to see what was RIGHT in front of me! As the week went by, I began to wrap my mind around the possibilities of treating my jewelry business as my number one priority. 

My #1 goal for the past seven years has been to educate people on the benefits of Selenite. My #2 was to help people feel better and neither of those had changed. In reality, my jewelry does both of those things! Selenite and Sound Events and sessions also do this but what would happen if I switched, and made Selenite jewelry my primary business?

Once I got there the next step was to investigate what would I do differently? And the back burner list came into view. All those things I had recommended to others, and toyed with doing for myself but never got around to.

First thing obviously ... spend more time on jewelry related efforts and cut out the art classes and some of the meditations. Then create an amazing on-line store with a cool name; something less transient and more stable. I traded for (thank you daughter Rachel!) and hired Squarespace to host my storefront. Then I made a light box to photograph each piece of jewelry in, to get the most detail possible and took my time. I could feel my addiction to rushing through things begin to fade. 

Going live with this site was a project and a half! The GoDaddy purchase of my domain name needed to be connected with Squarespace hosting which needed to be connected to G Suite for my new email address and that needed to be connected to MailChimp for newsletters! PHEW!!!

Next up is creating a new e-mail list of people who are who are genuinely interested in my creations and really want to stay connected. So I am creating a promotion for that and am offering a $100 gift certificate drawing on February 1st. Just sign up to win. And if you share my post on Facebook your name will be entered twice!

Future plans include offering on-line videos of my creative process and info about crystals. And of course creating amazing jewelry ... taking my time and caring about making each and every piece as beautiful and unique as I can. Yup, clarity, focus and action; that's the plan! When the going gets tough ... the tough get going.

Thank you in advance for loving my work enough to want to stay tuned by signing up on my E-mail list!! 

Wishing you clarity, peace and abundance always,