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Getting Clear In The New Year

Nicki LeMarbre
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The sculpting of our lives is unending, it's true. We are forever adjusting and tweaking. But there are times when life events inspire us to take stock of what we have and where we are; to see what is working and what is not working, and then make some changes. This new year has brought me to one of those shake downs. Losing my Mom in December then losing my Jeep to the storm surge of Winter storm Grayson definitely helped me to STOP and see that change is now necessary. (Lets face it, being a Selenite Gypsy is not a very lucrative endeavor.) 

I was pretty depressed and discouraged when I magically stumbled upon an online course last week called the 2018 Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp. The title glimmered with hope from my Facebook feed. I clicked, checked it out and thought "why not" then I committed to the week of training. It was AWESOME and exactly what I needed!

As I answered the questions they gave us for homework I began to realize what a gift my jewelry business was! There were over 4,600 jewelers on the FB page for the training and many were struggling with sales.  While I have sold nearly every piece of crystal and stone jewelry I had ever made! My problem has been not having enough jewelry to keep up with wholesale inquiries and not having enough time to get to those custom order inquiries completed. HELLO!!!!!!

The course helped me to then acknowledge my "why nots", I had some hidden fears within me that were clouding my vision and they needed to go. It was as if I were just too close to see what was RIGHT in front of me! As the week went by, I began to wrap my mind around the possibilities of treating my jewelry business as my number one priority. 

My #1 goal for the past seven years has been to educate people on the benefits of Selenite. My #2 was to help people feel better and neither of those had changed. In reality, my jewelry does both of those things! Selenite and Sound Events and sessions also do this but what would happen if I switched, and made Selenite jewelry my primary business?

Once I got there the next step was to investigate what would I do differently? And the back burner list came into view. All those things I had recommended to others, and toyed with doing for myself but never got around to.

First thing obviously ... spend more time on jewelry related efforts and cut out the art classes and some of the meditations. Then create an amazing on-line store with a cool name; something less transient and more stable. I traded for (thank you daughter Rachel!) and hired Squarespace to host my storefront. Then I made a light box to photograph each piece of jewelry in, to get the most detail possible and took my time. I could feel my addiction to rushing through things begin to fade. 

Going live with this site was a project and a half! The GoDaddy purchase of my domain name needed to be connected with Squarespace hosting which needed to be connected to G Suite for my new email address and that needed to be connected to MailChimp for newsletters! PHEW!!!

Next up is creating a new e-mail list of people who are who are genuinely interested in my creations and really want to stay connected. So I am creating a promotion for that and am offering a $100 gift certificate drawing on February 1st. Just sign up to win. And if you share my post on Facebook your name will be entered twice!

Future plans include offering on-line videos of my creative process and info about crystals. And of course creating amazing jewelry ... taking my time and caring about making each and every piece as beautiful and unique as I can. Yup, clarity, focus and action; that's the plan! When the going gets tough ... the tough get going.

Thank you in advance for loving my work enough to want to stay tuned by signing up on my E-mail list!! 

Wishing you clarity, peace and abundance always,