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Nicki LeMarbre
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An intuitive friend contacted me in Mid-March, writing that my face had popped into her morning meditation; she asked how everything was going. "Not so great" I said. "I need a car and a place to live!!"  I was so tired of the three months of Gypsy living, but I could NOT seem to find the right rental in Brant Rock or Plymouth. I was frustrated, and even started looking at places in Portsmouth, NH. I wanted a little place of my own, in an artist community by the sea; I could feel it, but had not yet found it.

"Wow, my neighbor has a fabulous studio apartment in Cotuit that she is fixing up," she wrote. "It will be ready in a week or two!"

"Seriously!!!???" Better than I could ever imagine ... as Karen Paolino would say!! Thank you Spirit!! 

The photos she sent me were beautiful and the price was great. "I want it!!"

Brant Rock was so much fun in many ways (I will miss my Marshfield friends, the Jetty and breakfast at The Hop) but it seemed like it was my time to go. Admittedly, after four storms I was really tired of packing all my things up at work for fear of more flooding. Sand and Water took the news gracefully and everything happened so easily.

I moved into my adorable studio apartment on Easter Sunday. The exhaustion from the Winter upheavals have dissipated in just two weeks and I feel like I have never been happier or more grateful. 

Cotuit holds some pivotal memories for me. As I unpacked and placed my few belongings (everything I own fits in a 5' x 5' storage space) I realized the watercolor I hung in the bathroom, I had painted in 1995 just a mile down the road at the original Cotuit Arts Center, right behind the Cotuit Market. I was stepping out of my first marriage and remember Jamie Wolf saying "we are just going to write on your forehead 'Shit Happens'." The photos of the girls I hung above my stove, I realized had been taken in 1998, just three blocks away on the beach across the inlet! Then dating my second husband, one of our favorite outings with the girls was taking his boat to that cove. And it was Loop Beach that I would walk nearly every other day with Marla in the Spring of 2010, as I stepped out of that marriage. Cotuit has been a place of creativity, hope and healing. It is perfect to be back here now. This time I feel as though I am stepping into marrying myself and my artwork. All the desire pent up in my heart to be alone and create, free from all other distractions, is finally realized. AHHHHHHHHHH.

So, I am very happy to get caught up with this website while juggling my new graphic design job with my jewelry making and event schedule. The 10 designs I've completed so far are shown below. The first orders are being printed for Florida stores in Dunedin and Cedar Key next week; so excited. I will soon be placing my own order so that I can have some of them to sell here and would LOVE to know which designs are your favorites ... they all have an UVPF of 30, are dry fit .... meaning they don't absorb water (or body odors) and will be between $27 (tanks) and $30 (t-shirts) ... if you would even be interested. New England Designs will be finished in the Fall.

Like everyone, I cannot wait for it to warm up!! I am looking forward to a super creative Summer on beautiful Cape Cod. I will still be travelling about with my events and artisan fairs and hope to see you here or there! 

Happy Spring!! 

In Light With Love,