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Letting Go is Goooooood ...

Nicki LeMarbre

“You know you are late” Lisa said gazing into my soul. I had packed up my jewelry display and was leaving her center, the last stop in Salem, Oregon, before heading east in my Jeep. The owner/psychic medium continued, “You should already be in England, Europe … and Australia,” she continued. “Just let go, this is bigger than you. You know you are holding it back!” she finished.

I pondered her words all the way back to the East Coast and then some. Mostly finishing the repetitive train of thought with “But how?” Plenty of time to work that out.

“I would need more bowls for sure. I would need a way to get bowls to the participants too. Being settled … in my own living space would be good, and I want to be 100% solid in my work.” I was still having mid-meditation event panic attacks … all of a sudden I would come up in consciousness with the thoughts, “are they getting this? what am I doing? Is this working?” Of course, every event would end with beautiful compliments and smiles from blissed out faces and I would feel relieved, but I knew there was still work to do.

So two years later, I am finally ready for the next step … letting go enough to share Selenite & Sound ™ on a deeper level by offering the first Certification Trainings next month. It IS bigger than me and I Have been holding it back.

For eight years I have always blown away after a session or event by hearing the many stories of what the Selenite Work is doing for people; bringing so many gifts … of peace, clarity and joy to name a few. Anyone can benefit from the bio-chemical effects of using the crystals. Selenite & Sound ™ can be incorporated into nearly any other modality or can be used separately.

This first training will teach you how to use Selenite & Sound ™ to help yourself and others. It will go over the benefits of singing bowl and pyramid playing and how to use these amazing instruments. Participants are encouraged to have their own bowls, pyramids and crystals, but it is not imperative. I speak with you directly after registration to share options with you.

If you or someone you know is interested in the trainings, the links are here: There are 5 spots left on each. More to come!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Click Here to Register for Uxbridge Training at State of Grace (May 25-26)

Click Here to Register  for Norwell Training at Joyful Healing (June 22-23)