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A Full Day Of Business Building at Masjah Studios in Harwich

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A Day Of Business Building!!

Take one ($35) two ($60) or All Three Classes ($80)

Bring notebook, pen & business card

I ~ Building Your Dream Job 10 - 11:30am

You want to be self-employed in the wellness field but don’t know where to start?

This class can give you some new ideas about creating your healing or creative business and what it takes to enter the holistic wellness field or the creative field full time.

We will discuss and explore: 

·       What makes you and your work unique

·       How to create a logo and how to market what you do

·       Developing a game plan; aligning head, heart and gut

·       Your own space; pros and cons

·       How holistic centers work and where to find them

·       What the centers are looking for and how to connect

·       So many people! Perspective shift!

·       Creative ways to shine your light outside of centers.

·       Law of Attraction … realistic time & energy commitments

·       Baby steps … every ~ single ~ day

·       Feeling good along the way!

I! ~ Creating A Prosperity Mindset 12:30 - 2pm

Addressing the Blockages and Letting Go

I have done a LOT of work on this. Identifying and releasing the hidden beliefs about money and being successful. And WOW has it made a huge difference!

We begin with a guided meditation taking you back into your past and observing your money mindset and where it came from. Then we move into your future and explore new ways of looking at prosperity and abundance. This class assists you in breaking through old thoughts and patterns that are keeping you from your dream job and life.

II! ~ Building A Fabulous Website 3- 4:30pm

I have always designed my own website. I started with Dreamweaver software, I have used Wordpress, Etsy, Square Up, Wix and Square Space.

This class will teach you how to buy your domain name and what that is exactly, explain the differences between Wix and SquareSpace and SquareUp, explain how hosts work, discuss email programs, give you ideas on how to layout your pages and how do get great photos.

You will leave feeling much more comfortable with building your own site.

Call Tracey Crowell at 508-292-6131 to register or visit Masjah Studios

Earlier Event: August 15
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