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Norwell ~ Creating Abundance with Selenite & Sound

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Meditation allows us to access the field where all possibilities exist. When we can make a deep connection to our gratitude within that field, we create miraculous results; we create Abundance of all good things here in the physical.

During this event you will be connecting to the vibration of Gaia, Source and Gratitude to override blockages and flow the ever-present abundance of all good things into the physical. This process is accelerated and strengthened with Selenite Crystals & soothing Sound and can be a transformative meditation experience if you open to it.

You will have Selenite rods to align with your torso and chakras, as well as two selenite wands to hold in each hand and Selenite for your third eye. Nicki will give you a brief description of what the crystals do and how to best use them before leading you into the meditation with her crystal singing pyramids and bowls.

 Reciprocation $40.00 ~ Call Cathi at (781) 871-1740 to register

320 Washington Street, Norwell