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Uxbridge ~ Feeling Clear & Balanced - A Selenite Demo at Chevere

Feeling Clear & Balanced with Selenite Crystals

~ & Nicki LeMarbre ~

at Chevere in Uxbridge


Come and experience the awesomeness of Selenite Crystals!

Learn and feel why they are so great to wear as jewelry.

Find out what the differences are between different types of Selenite

and how to create with them

During this event you will first receive detailed information about these remarkable stones and their usages, then enjoy a short 20-minute meditation with them in a Crystalline Sound bath.

Selenite can affect all levels of your being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

You will feel how the benefits of the stones are activated by the sound waves.

 Call Chevere at 508-278-5566 to register ~ 336 N Main Street, Uxbridge