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Mini Sessions and Jewelry at Absolute Yoga Open House in Hopkinton

Selenite & Sound Mini Sessions

“That was the best twelve minutes of my LIFE!” ~ Tyler, Sarasota

“Wow, best session Ever!!” Susan, Melrose

How can a twelve minute session be called the best session ever? Sitting with forty pounds of Selenite Crystal activated by the vibrations of Crystal Singing Pyramids is how!!

Selenite Mini Sessions:

Clear and balance your energy and open you to the next level. You sit on a large slab of Selenite and place your feet on another, while holdiong two pieces in each hand. Nicki guides you into meditation and connection. Then she spins the 12” pyramid around your head to activate and attune your third eye, crown and soul star chakras. She plays several pyramids, one after the other, swirling and spinning them all through and around your energetic field and finishes your session with heavenly chimes. You leave feeling completely light and totally refreshed. $25.00

Call  (508) 435-3366 to register. 77 WestMain Street Suite 212, Hopkinton