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Eight years ago, Selenite came into my life … and rocked my world



Selenite holds the second highest vibration of all natural substances, tested so far. (Rose oil is #1)

They are the largest crystals discovered, to date, on the planet

Selenite was created by the dehydration of ancient ocean water ~ It is Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate

Selenite emits negative ions and has a bio-chemical effect

A beverage placed on a slab of Selenite will taste differently in less than one minute

Animals naturally gravitate to Selenite

Wearing Selenite helps to balance us; uplifting low energy and calming stress.

Meditating with Selenite & Sound™ can significantly help us change our life!

Photo Credit Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Retreat

Photo Credit Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Retreat

Moving Into Your Bliss

At the age of seven, from time to time, I would feel a wave of euphoria move through me, and quickly disappear. This amazing feeling was something I wanted more of … and something I felt the World needed more of! Each time this feeling of bliss came over me, I would retrace my steps, thoughts and feelings in the hopes of capturing that bliss again. I found hints along the way (conditions that increased the probability of another such moment) but it wasn’t until I experienced my first Reiki session (at age 40) that I found my first reliable path. Every session brought me back to, what I began to call, a state of pure being.

The first time I heard a crystal singing bowl, it took my breath away and filled me with that same joy. The first time I sat on a slab of Selenite, I felt euphoric as well. When I put the two together I was in heaven. And when I combined them with my Reiki energy work, a powerful, fast and effective healing modality, “Selenite & Sound™ “ was born.

I have spent the past eight years dedicating myself to working with, and educating others about, these amazing crystals and sound instruments.

Everything about my guided meditation events and presentations is designed to bring others into that same deep stillness within … the bliss of their being. I focus on moving participants awareness through their energy centers (chakras) using a smooth vocal tone that weaves into the sound of my crystal bowls and pyramids. In that inner still point we access deep relaxation, expanded creativity and profound connection to self.

I am available for presentations, meditation events and experiential engagements worldwide. Call 774-521-4402 to schedule a demonstration or book an event.

If you are interested in hosting an event at your center or business, purchasing a piece of Selenite jewelry, or attending one of my Meditation Events, I would love to share my work with you.

~ Namaste ~



Where to find My Selenite Jewelry:

Holistic Wellness Center in Medfield

A Soul Spirit Studio in Holliston

State of Grace in Uxbridge

or at one of my events