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My Selenite Journey

It all began at The Angel Room, in Mashpee Mass, which I opened in 2008 as a studio/gallery for the painting of my Angelic Light Project (it was to be a series of 12 larger than life sized 8’ x 4’ Angel Paintings to be displayed in public to uplift people). After one Summer, the space morphed into a 2,500 square foot wellness center with 12 teachers and practitioners. We offered Yoga, massage, reiki, intuitive readings, craniosacral therapy, shamanic journeys, meditation, psychic development classes and fabulous events.

People would come in, get blissed out, then sigh, rolling their eyes and say “now I have to go home.” As if all that bliss, all the work and training we had done, flew right out the door with them. I wanted more. I wanted something that people could take home or to work, with them, to continue the bliss they found at The Angel Room. I wanted to find something to help people change their lives!! I did not want to offer band-aids, I wanted to find something that offered true healing!

And I found that something!

I was first introduced to Selenite at the Gem & Mineral show in Tucson in January 2011 where I met the owners of a quarry in New Mexico. They invited me to sit on a 13" x 15" x 1.5" slab of crystal with another slab under my feet. I was instructed to place my hands on the crystal and set an intention to "clear anything and everything that no longer serves me," then sit and relax for just a couple of minutes.

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While sitting, I had a clear vision of the crystals being used in energy sessions, under a client laying on a treatment table. When I stood up I immediately felt a tingling sensation throughout my entire body ... so amazing that after only 2 minutes! I felt completely light and tingly inside! The next day I placed an order for 4 large pieces and two hand pieces to be shipped to my center for use in my Reiki Sessions.

When the crystals arrived I spent several weeks experimenting with them and developed a unique session that combined intention setting, a chakra clearing guided meditation, energy transference, Reiki and crystal bowl sound therapy. My clients reported feeling lighter, clearer, more vibrant, more focused and had a more joyous state of being. Time after time I heard "that was the MOST powerful session I have EVER had!" Thrilled with the results, I soon became a Selenite Ambassador of sorts, setting off to share the stones abilities with as many people and practitioners as possible. It has been an amazing journey filled with many success stories.

Some people express feeling a pulling sensation from the slabs as the crystal bowls were playing, as if a heaviness is being pulled down and out of their bodies. While others report feeling a tingling sensation that starts at the feet and rises up through the body. Some feel a rush of intense heat moving through their body. Overall it is a fast and powerful technique that one does not have to believe in for it to work. The bio-chemical reaction of the sound vibrations' activation of the Selenite's negative ions is rarely NOT felt in a session or event. Even wearing a small piece of Selenite can be felt throughout the body in about twenty minutes.


After working with Selenite for two months I attended a lecture by a Mayan Wisdom Keeper named Ac Tah. He was discussing the 4,000 year prophecy of the solar flares we are now experiencing and the effects they have, not only on Earth's magnetic field, but also on each human's individual electro-magnetic field. According to the Mayan beliefs, these solar flare eruptions, (which are well documented) had been responsible for the increase of such conditions as ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar and schizophrenia since 1992. He told us of his use of magnet therapy to rebalance the electro-magnetic fields of individuals who came to him for relief. As he described the results that the magnet therapy had on his clients, I thought it strange that he was describing the same results I was having with the Selenite. After the lecture, I asked him about Selenite and he pointed to one of my slabs and said "that stone does the same thing that the magnets do." 

That Fall I began offering Selenite & Sound ™ Meditation Events at local healing centers and soon began traveling across the US with my work. Early on, people who fell in love with the stones would ask me where they could purchase Selenite jewelry. I would send them to search the internet. But then in 2013 I took a jewelry wrapping class and began wrapping the extra pieces that had chipped off the slabs. I soon fell completely in love with making wearable art with these powerful medicine stones and love it still today.

As for my own personal experience with working with the Selenite; I have noticed a definite difference in my own energy field. I feel consistently clearer, more focused, lighter and happier than ever before. My intuition and creativity have deepened as a result of wearing the stones every day. I sleep with the stones every night and am a frequent lucid dreamer (sometimes remembering 5 a night!) There is no doubt in my mind that Selenite can benefit everyone at some level.

Over the past eight years I have witnessed the stones wide variety of effects on people during and after sessions and events. I beleive that the are a wonderful tool for releasing whatever it is that we are ready to let go of. For some poeple this can be pain, for some it can be emotional trauma and for others it can be limiting thoughts or beliefs. It is difficult to know how individuals will be affected by the stones because it is a personal experience for each one. A wonderful surprise has been the relief it has brought to people who are suffering with Arthritis and Lyme Disease.

I am truly grateful to have come across such a powerful tool and be in a position to share it with others.