Crystal & Stone Studio

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz of Shiraz

The Idea

Selenite led me to creating jewelry. It is a remarkable and seemingly magical stone. It emits negative ions and therefore bio-chemically interacts with whatever is in its presence ... in a good way. I was introduced to the crystals at the Tucson Gem Show in 2011. I sat on a large slab for less than two minutes and was surprised to feel an exhilarated calmness flow through my entre body. I had to have it!

I began working with the crystals in my private Reiki healing sessions and soon went on the road offering group meditations. People fell in love with the stones and wanted to wear them every day.

I had some extra pieces that had broken off of my work slabs, so I took a wire wrapping class in 2013 and got to work making some magical jewelry! I totally fell in love with the process; my favorite part was creating pieces on the spot for my own wardrobe.

Style & Quality

I hand select each crystal and stone. The Selenite comes from New Mexico and is shipped in crates to me to break into usable pieces. I find the other stones on beaches, in rock shops and in wellness centers. I carefully pair them into one-of-a-kind combinations and wrap them in sterling silver, aluminum and copper wires. I put my love into each piece I make. 

My style speaks to the woman who has a mind of her own. She makes a difference in the world. She values uniqueness. She is not simply unafraid of edges; she appreciates them. She does not need her life nor jewelry to be neat and controlled; she prefers "interesting." She is a bit of a rebel and strives to be the change she wishes to see in the world. Above all, she is undefinably magical.




100% Handmade

Each and every piece of Crystal & Stone Studio jewelry is designed by me, Nicki LeMarbre, using components and natural elements that I have gathered. 

My Selenite is from areas in the US where a piece of the ocean became landlocked; it is clearer and more dense than its popular cousin, Moroccan Selenite (which is far more fragile due to its formation from precipitation of ocean water).

You may wear my jewelry in water without it dissolving. One still needs to be careful of scratches and mindful of keeping this jewelry in a safe place where it will not be jostled around.

All of my creations are made in the USA; mostly Brant Rock, Massachusetts

Thank you so much.