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This bliss for you …

True Self …

How do you feel when you are on vacation? How do you feel when you relax and let go? Wouldn’t you like to feel like that more often?

I can help.

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I offer private sessions in person at State of Grace in Uxbridge, MA and Joyful Healing in Norwell, MA. The sessions combine the use of Selenite Crystals, the soothing sounds of crystal singing bowls and pyramids with Reiki energy, hands-on healing. You will feel wonderful!

One hour ~ $100.00

Ninety minutes ~ $144.00

Contact me to schedule at: or 774-521-4402

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How does it all work?

Selenite Crystals emit negative ions which help to clear and balance our energy fields. The Crystalline Sounds from my instruments accelerate the electron movement in the crystals, enlivening them, to speed up that process. In the sessions you lay on a massage table fully clothed, with Selenite rods on and along the sides of your torso. You also have pieces in your hands and small chips in your eye pillow. Lastly, a slab of Selenite is placed beneath your head under a pillow. You lay back and relax into the soothing sounds of the bowls as I guide you down into relaxation.

The sound from the bowls and pyramids is not only enlivening the crystals to assist you in re-balancing, but it is also interacting directly with the cells in your body. Sound healing is well documented.

I then spin a series of Crystal Singing Pyramids above each chakra and through your energetic fields. Then I play some soft and gentle music as I place my hands gently over your head and shoulders, arms, torso and legs. You will feel heat coming from my hands which is a flow of beneficial energy.

This energy is Universal Chi, it is the energy of all things … including your energy. Through receiving trainings and Reiki Attunements (Master Teacher) the energy flows through me consciously to connect with that in your body. The more you are open to receive, the greater the flow and the hotter my hands. I act as like an extension cord that is plugging you (a lamp) into Source Energy (the socket). Ultimately you are the healer of your own body, pulling the energy in to where you need it most.

I finish your session by turning down the music and playing the bowls and pyramids for a few more minutes leaving you with feeling very good.

A Selenite & Sound Session is a beautiful way to brighten your day! If you would like to brighten someone else’s day, gift certificates are also available, click here.