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Selenite Chakra Charms

I needed a little Selenite something in my new car so I began creating these sweet Moroccan Selenite charms. They are great for adding light and clarity to any space. Hang them in your car, near your bed or in your office to raise the vibrations. Choose your wire color too: silver, copper or brass.

$24.00 each

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Sweet Dreams Selenite Pouches

These little pouches are filled with Selenite chips and an Amethyst stone. They are great for getting rid of children’s nightmares and for giving adults a restful sleep.

Selenite chips open intuition, create greater clarity and clear negative energy. Amethyst is an awesome stone for dream protection.

Not suitable for children under four.

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$15.00 each


“I purchased three dream bags from you for my children. I want you to know that all three of them were thrilled with this gift and they instinctively knew what to do. Whenever any of them is feeling a bit off at bedtime, they'll grab their "good dreams pouch" and hold it. My son holds it to his heart and my daughters each hold it to their foreheads. They all report feeling better in just moments and they tend to sleep really well. So, thank you very much!!”


"I slept so good last night! Thank you for recommending these Crystals! If you have trouble sleeping these work! I don't feel foggy or tired today."

“My 7 year old granddaughter, aka #LittleGoddess, loves hers”

Sold in stores too:

A Soul Spirit Studio in Holliston, MA

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