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Selenite & Sound ™ Meditations … A Practice

clear your chakras

balance your energy

open your intuition

raise your vibration

Journey to the stillness of your inner being.

Allow the gentle sounds of Crystal Tones™ Singing Bowls and my soft voice to soothe you into deeply relaxing.

There you can release layers of resistance that may be keeping you from complete well-being. 

In the zero point of deep awareness, this guided meditation with Selenite can affect all levels of your being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. In the meditation you activate the crystals by setting intentions to release all that no longer serves you in each chakra. Then you set intentions to open each chakra to breathe an expansion of higher frequencies from the light of consciousness in, anchoring them more deeply and fully into all aspects your life.  Selenite & Sound Journeys™ allow us to heal ourselves at a cellular level.

Lay back in cozy comfort with Selenite Crystals in your hands, on your torso and in an eye pillow on your forehead as you melt into the soothing vibrations of Singing Crystal Bowls and Pyramids. The sound vibrations activate the healing properties of the crystals while you are led through a relaxing chakra clearing meditation. These unique 90 minute meditation events are held at peace-filled yoga and spiritual centers throughout Massachusetts and New England.

Selenite … like “frozen divine light”

Selenite … like “frozen divine light”

About Selenite & Sound: Selenite Crystals (Calcium Sulphate Di-hydrate) are chunks of dehydrated ocean water and emit negative ions; so they have a palpable bio-chemical effect on us. They can physically reduce pain levels and instill deep relaxation, they can affect our minds and our emotions in very beneficial ways. They can help us sleep better. Everyone has their own experience with the crystals and the process.

The shifts that the stones can facilitate are primarily dependent upon the strength of your intentions and your openness to creating change in your life. 

We are all evolving. We are all on the path to awakening. Selenite simply accelerates the journey for us.

The sound of the quartz crystal singing bowls and pyramids that I play during my meditations enliven the electron movement in the crystals and therefore intensify their awakening properties. 

Private sessions range from one hour to 90 minutes. Click here for more info about my sessions.

If you are interested in my guided Selenite & Sound ™ meditations, check my schedule for an event near you. If you know someone who would love to attend, gift certificates are available … click here 



Over the years, people who have loved my Selenite & Sound ™ Meditations have asked for recordings.

Here is my VERY humble start, recorded in my home. To hold you over until I find the right sound studio to record the series I want to make.


Find a space of quiet time to enjoy it in full. Get your Selenite crystals (if you have some) and place them intuitively, in your hands and or on your body, depending on how many you have. Sit or lay down comfortably. Then click on the link below.

The meditation is FREE!  If you Love it, use it, and would like to offer a gift for it, then I happily accept. Click Here

I hope you enjoy it!!