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Selenite Meditations

clear your chakras

balance your energy

open your intuition

raise your vibration


Over the past seven years many people who have loved my meditation events have asked for recordings. Yesterday a new friend was so affected by her 5 minute mini Selenite & Sound session that she too asked for one. Something in the way she asked flipped a switch; "I just need to DO IT!"

So, I did just do it! No more waiting for a sound studio and the funds to professionally record ... my new studio is perfectly quiet.

Here is my VERY humble start. 

Find a space of quiet time to enjoy it in full. Get your Selenite crystals, if you have some, and place them intuitively, in your hands and or on your body depending on how many you have. Sit or lay down comfortably. Then click on the link below.

The meditation is FREE!  If you Love it, use it and would like to offer a gift for it, then I happily accept. Just click the link below. Thanks so much!! 

I hope you enjoy it either way!!

For those of you who are new to my Selenite & Sound Offerings:

Selenite Crystals emit negative ions so they have a bio-chemical effect on us. They can physically affect pain levels and relaxation, they can affect our minds and our emotions.

The shifts that the stones can facilitate are primarily dependent upon one's intentions and openness to the changes in your life. 

We are all evolving. We are all on the path to awakening. Selenite simply accelerates the journey for us.

The quartz crystal singing bowls that I play during my meditations excite the electron movement in the crystals and therefore intensify their awakening properties. 

During my meditations people lay down with long Selenite rods on their torsos and two pieces in their hands as well as Selenite Chip Eye Pillows over their eyes. 

Check my schedule for an event near you.