Crystal & Stone Studio




Selenite & Sound Sessions

Lay back and sink deep into that space between wakefulness and sleep as you listen to the soft tones of singing bowls & pyramids. Selenite crystals are placed on your torso, in your hands, beneath your head and feet and over your eyes in a pillow. The pyramids are played over each of your energy centers to align and balance your energy field. Then you receive Reiki by light touch on your head, neck, shoulders, upper chest, abdomen. hips, legs and feet. The session ends with the crystalline sounds. Joyful Healing in Norwell & State of Grace in Uxbridge, MA

One Hour ~ $120.00 90 Minutes ~ $160.00


Just Reiki or Just Sound

99.9% of everything that exists in the physical, is energy.

Through intention, focus and training, we all can channel that energy (chi) to flow through our hands to help each other feel better. As I work, you will feel my hands becoming hot as your body draws the energy in. It flows where it is most needed.

This energy is offered with a gentle touch directly on or, if you prefer, slightly above your body. Soothing, relaxing music plays in the background. I listen to and feel your body and energy field, and move intuitively where I am directed to work. In this way, my Reiki is non-traditional. It has been influenced by the other trainings I have had over the past 25 years in Shamanism, Intuitive Development and The Melchizadek Method.

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Clearing The Energy In Your Home Or Office

Selenite clears negative energy. Crystal Singing Pyramids also clear and seal energetic fields. Selenite & Sound is a powerful way to clear property and buildings, rooms and spaces. I use a variety of tools to clear: bowls, pyramids, Selenite, Sage, Incense, prayer, conversation, coaching, intuition and energy flow.

Prices start at $250.00. Average cost (including travel time within a 1 hour drive) for entire home $300.00.

Private Groups & House Calls

Selenite & Sound Meditation Events are offered to private groups in spaces large enough for me and my bowls (5’ x 7’) and for 9 or more people. Gatherings may be held for specific intentions and/or overall uplifting.

These events are a wonderful way celebrate a gathering of family or friends for special occasions.

They are also useful for clearing issues and challenges at work or home. Selenite & Sound can create greater clarity, harmony and cooperation in any environment. By sitting together in sacred space, often blockages and disharmony are immediately dissolved. And new ideas, understanding and cooperation flow in.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes to 2 hours long. An additional 90 minutes is needed to set up and an hour to pack up as well.

Guidance & Mentorship

In these conversation sessions I am assisting you on your path to awakening through dialogue. These sessions are all about empowering you to create a game plan, to open to what’s possible, to trust your inner guidance and to LOVE YOURSELF!

One Hour Guidance ~ $120.00 (Skype or in person)

Mentorship Packages:

Helping you find your bliss …

$120 Monthly (4 month minimum) ~ Includes either a One Hour session or two Half Hour Sessions (Skype or in person … with notes) and 2 - 15 minute calls per month.

$180 Monthly (4 month minimum) ~ Includes either a One 90 Minute session or three Half Hour Sessions (Skype or in person … with notes) and 3 - 15 minute calls per month.

$240 Monthly (4 month minimum) ~ Includes either two One Hour sessions or four Half Hour Sessions (Skype or in person … with notes) and 4 - 15 minute calls per month.