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The Business Side of Healing

Helping you make your business successful

In 1983, I graduated with a degree in economics. In 1989, I opened a hand painted garment business and sold to boutiques across the US for three years, then went on to create for other garment manufacturers as well as small businesses, as a graphic designer/illustrator. In 2008, I opened a studio called The Angel Room, which morphed into a large wellness center; it was there that I created a new modality called Selenite and Sound™ … and for the past eight years, I have been a traveling with it, as a practitioner and meditation facilitator. All of these experiences have given me a unique perspective on owning my own business and taught me many skills.

In these classes I share a lot of information that can make YOUR holistic business successful!!

Part I: Building Your Dream Job

You want to be self-employed but don’t know where to start?

This class can give you some new ideas about creating your own business and what it takes to enter the holistic wellness field or the creative field full time.

We will discuss and explore: 

·       What makes you and your work unique

·       How to create a logo and how to market what you do

·       Developing a game plan; aligning head, heart and gut

·       Your own space; pros and cons

·       How holistic centers work and where to find them

·       What the centers are looking for and how to connect

·       So many people! Perspective shift!

·       Creative ways to shine your light outside of centers.

·       Law of Attraction … realistic time & energy commitments

·       Baby steps … every ~ single ~ day

·       Feeling good along the way!

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Bring notebook, pen & business card

Part II: Prosperity Mindset ~ Setting yourself free from limiting lack consciousness

Part !!!: Creating A Fabulous Website ~ from buying a domain to laying out your pages

Part IV: Creating Great Marketing Materials ~ From Logo to Letterhead … creating a brand that gets noticed

and more!!! No pre-requisites needed … all classes may be taken in any order.




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One-On-One Sessions are Available in your area!!

Ninety Minute appointments may be made ~ assisting you with your personal business needs. From logo design to print material, from online marketing to e-mail campaigns, from advice on getting to where you want your business to go oto coming up with a completely new direction that you will love; I can help you. (Investment ~ $100.00)

Flexible hours for 9-5ers. Call 774-521-4402 to schedule.


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Monday, July 22nd: Creating a Fabulous Website at The Vibroacoustic Healing Center ~ 161 Hobomock Street, Pembroke ~ 7 - 8:30pm - $35 CLICK HERE to register

Wednesday, July 24th: Building Your Dream Job at Joyful Healing in Norwell ~ 133 Washington Street 7-8:30 CLICK HERE to register.

Monday, July 29th: Building Your Dream Job at Masjah Studio in E Harwich ~ 181 Route 137 ~ 7-8:30 ….. $35.00 Call Tracey at (774) 237-9068 to sign up

Wednesday, August 7th: Creating Great Marketing Tools at New Awakenings in Kingston ~ 161 Summer Street ~ 7 - 8:30pm - $35 or $30 in advance (by June 22nd) CLICK HERE to register

Friday, August 23rd: Building Your Dream Job at Tranquil Base in Sandwich ~ 331 Cotuit Rd. #34 ~ Call Abby at (774) 205-2673 to register

Friday, August 30th: Building Your Dream Job at Open Doors in Braintree ~ 395 Washington Street ~ Call (781) 843-8224 to register