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Selenite & Sound ™ Certification Trainings

Selenite & Sound ™ is a unique healing modality created and developed by Nicki LeMarbre in February of 2011. It incorporates the use of Selenite crystals, the vibrations of Crystalline Instruments (Singing Bowls and Pyramids) with the focus on clearing blockages and infusing higher vibrations in each Chakra.

 The combination of these three components creates a powerful healing process. It is fast and effective. The training will teach you how to use selenite and the science behind the stones; how they work. It will teach you about Singing bowls and Pyramids; how to play and what effects they have on Selenite. We will also cover information on chakra clearing and vibration raising and why these two components are so important.

Selenite & Sound™ has many applications ranging from self-healing to incorporation into your healing of others to the offering of Selenite & Sound Meditations. This bliss filled workshop, as Part One, will cover Selenite & Sound ™ on Self and in Sessions. You will learn how to use Selenite & Sound™ for self-healing, for helping others heal or for creating combinations with your current modality. You will receive attunements, information and activations through a series of discussions, practice sessions and guided meditations. You will also receive a workbook outlining the information given with space to take your own notes.

Click Here to Register  for Norwell Selenite & Sound ™ Intro Training at Joyful Healing One Day (October 6th)

Photo Credit: Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Event

Photo Credit: Niki Fandel at Asha Ramakrishna Event

Bowl and Pyramid packages will be offered for purchase (via Shawn Aceto) and Nicki will be offering you various Selenite packages at discounted rates. When you register for this class, Nicki will schedule to meet with you in person or via Skype to discuss your acoustic & crystal needs. Sound packages will start at $80.00.

Neither Sound nor Selenite Packages are a requirement for participation in this course. You may take the course simply for the information, certification and activations it offers. If desired, you may purchase your bowls at any time and when they arrive, Nicki will arrange to meet you and go over their basic use and care. Selenite will be delivered at the training.

Tuition is $444.00. ($222.00 for the One Day Intro) Payments are made in two parts, if you like. A minimum $200.00 deposit is required for registration. Final payment is due at least one week prior to each event. Since attendance is limited, Payments are non-refundable after 30 days prior to event.


Saturday: 10:00am registration and Introduction

11 - 1:00 The Power of Selenite ~ Meditation (Letting go of blockages and Aligning to Our Higher Self) and conversation.

1-2 pm LUNCH

2-4 Discussions on how Selenite works, why it works and its various applications. The Chakras and Selenite: blockages and alignments. Opening Intuition for self and others. Dreamwork and Selenite.

4-5 Practicing with & Experiencing Selenite. Feeling the stones as a practitioner and as a receiver. Sacred geometry with Selenite and how different shapes affect their energy.

5-6 Your Journey with Selenite ~ Meditation and Pyramid Attunement. Opening the Upper Chakras to align with your path and grounding the energy into your life.

6-7 Questions, answers and individual assistance

Sunday: 10am start “What is Awakening” Pyramid Activations and Oneness Blessings. The intention of the work.

11-1 How to play Bowls and Pyramids ~ Instruction and practice


2-4 The science of Sound and Practice.

4-6 Putting it all together. Tailoring the modality to your needs … creating sessions for yourself and your clients. Sonic Vibration Circle Healing … taking turns in the center.

6-7 Final Guided Meditation and discussion.

Click Here to Register  for Norwell Selenite & Sound ™ Training at Joyful Healing (October 6, 2019)

The Introductory Training Certification is For those who are either not ready to purchase singing bowls or who do not need training with them. Level I Part II training includes learning to play bowls and pyramids